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Safety training

There are two levels of safety training for new students in the lab: First is the university requirement:

1. Please go through all the materials on this website and get familiar with all the general information about safety.

2. Follow the web-based workshop, and pass all the required examines for specific topics. 3. After finishing all the tests, send all the certification pages to Dodie.

Note: You will need your Ncard to log in for these tests. It is not a "have-to", but it will make things much easier.

Second is the departmental level.

Martha Morton is the safety chair and Alexander Sinisskii is the vice chair. Either of them can give you the safety training that you need. The presentation material is online in the same webpage titled:"Chemistry Department Safety Training Materials".

Another written test will be given to assure that you fully comprehend the safety request.

Note: 1. You are required to pass the safety training for NMR facilities separately.

2. The booklet of safety manuals need to be read through and signed for ANYONE who work in the lab.

Safety inspection

There are three levels of safety inspections: departmental (daily), university (EHS) (yearly) and federal government (not fixed).

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