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The gaputil package provides a few small command-line utilities for generating deterministic Poisson-gap, stochastic Poisson-gap, and deterministic burst-augmented gap sampling schedules over multidimensional grids. This page outlines how to install and use the gap utilities.



Obtaining gaputil

You can download the gaputil source code on its GitHub page.

Installing gaputil

The gaputil binary is a command-line open-source C program. The software will run basically anywhere. Once you have the source code, run these commands to install it:

git clone git://
cd gaputil
sudo make install

Using gaputil

Once the programs are compiled and installed, you can run them from anywhere, e.g.:

gaputil 0.1 512 512 'L*x'

All the utilities have the same argument syntax: the first argument is the sampling density, and the remaining arguments specify the size of the sampling grid. The final argument is the gap equation string to use when constructing the schedule. The code is currently soft-limited to generating 3D grids, but you can remove this restriction by editing term.c and recompiling/reinstalling.

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