Finding a Protein Target on the NESG website

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Finding a Protein Target (on the NESG website)

  1. Login: proteins Password: 2study
  2. Start by focusing your search on a particular organism: human, myco, staph…
  3. Begin by clicking targets labeled with “Good HSQC”. This ensures that the protein is amenable to NMR structure analysis. At this time it is also advisable to choose proteins with a MW below 20kDa.
  4. On the protein target page there will be a search against the PDB to see if the structure has been solved or for high similarity. Make sure the similarity is well below 50%. A higher similarity would only be good for unsolved human proteins.
  5. Scroll down to find the expression data. Make sure the protein is expressable and soluble. A score of 4 or 5 for each is best.
  6. Check the HSQC to make sure it really is “Good”. The peaks should be well resolved and there should be 1 peak per amino acid.
  7. Write down the plasmid ID for the protein target.
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