Data formats for NMRFAM-Sparky

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This page outlines the steps to get data in the correct format for NMRFAM-Sparky.

Processing in nmrPipe

  1. Navigate to the directory that holds data.
  2. Add generic and scripts into directory.
  3. Type command "bruker". This will read in the .ser file.
  4. Update script, then copy & paste into your
  5. "./" (may have to use "chmod 777 ./" first)
  6. "./" (may have to use "chmod 777 ./" first)
  7. "nmrDraw" opens up a 1H-15N HSQC in 1 13C plane.
  8. Phase spectra using nmrPipe commands.
  9. Navigate to folder created by your command. (contain series of testxxx.ft3 files)
  10. Use command "xyz2pipe -in test%03d.ft3 -x > XXXX.pipe"
  11. Open NMRFAM-Sparky and open XXXX.pipe (Will ask to convert to UCSF file)

Processing in TopSpin

  1. Use bruk2ucsf app to convert data processed in TopSpin
  2. Input the 3rrr file
  3. Output a xxxx.ucsf file
  4. Open file in Sparky
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